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SMOK NexMesh Empty Pod (Pack of 3)

SMOK NexMesh Empty Pod (Pack of 3)
SMOK NexMesh Empty Pod (Pack of 3)
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This set of 3 replacement pods feature the nexMesh Coil Series with an airflow base and waterproof engineering to prevent condensation within the pod, which has a 2ml fill capacity. These pods are compatible with SMOK and OFRF nexMesh pod kits.

Quick Links:

SMOK & OFRF NexMesh Pod Kit

SMOK OFRF NexMesh Replacement Coils (Pack of 5)

Features and Specifications:

2ml Refillable Pod Capacity
NexMesh Coil Series
0.4Ω SS316 Coil
0.4Ω Kanthal Coil
PressFit Coil Installation
Magnetic Pod Connection
Airflow Base


What’s Included:

3x Smok OFRF NexMesh Replacement Empty Pod

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