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Candy King Switch Disposable Vape

Candy King Switch Disposable Vape
Candy King Switch Disposable Vape
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Candy King Switch Disposable Vape

Easy to pocket and even easier to use, this disposable vape from Switch is the perfect way to try every fruit  flavor e-liquid you can imagine! Each disposable vape comes with a 1.3ml pre-filled pod containing 5% nicotine salt for an advanced vaping experience. Enjoy up to 300 or more puffs of delicious exotic fruit flavor with this convenient and portable device.

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Features and Specifications:

280mAh Battery
1.3ml Pod
5% Nicotine Salt (50mg)
300+ Puffs (Approximate)
7-12W Power Range


Package Includes:

1x Switch Disposable Vape



Mango: Tropical mango flavor that's simply irresistable.

Watermelon Ice: Juicy watermelons layered with icy menthol. 

Peach Ice: Fresh peach blended with a cool mint finish.

Grapefruit Guava: Real grapefruit and delicious guava combine to create a perfect sweet and tart combo.

Pink Lemonade: The classic tangy pink lemonade brings back the nostalgic taste of summer.

Strawberry Lemonade: Sweet strawberry layered on top of tart citrus lemonade.

Strawberry Banana: Fresh strawberries and ripe bananas - the original combo!

P.O.G.: Peach - Orange - Guava.

Green Apple: Sour green apple with just enough sweetness.

Cucumber Lime: Fresh cucumber and lime for a unique and refreshing puff.

Melons: A fantastic blend of honeydew and cantaloupe for the melon lovers out there.

Mint: A refreshing blast of real mint and menthol. 

Blue Razz: Blueberries and raspberries with a sugar blast of sweetness. Just like a blue slushie!

Berry: A rich and juicy blend of mixed berry.

Grape: Fresh and sweet grape flavor.

Strawberry Watermelon: A luscious combination of strawberry and juicy watermelon creates a sweet and irresistable flavor.

Lychee Ice: Lychees are an exotic berry containing a sweet and tart flavor that is often compared to watermelon or pear. Experience this tropical flavor blended with a blast of cool menthol.

Lemon Tart: Just the right amount of sweet and sour, this citrus vape juice is a delicious and refreshing treat.

Orange Creamsicle: The classic summer treat, now in vape form. Indulge in the creamy blend of sweet orange and vanilla ice cream.

Piña Colada Ice: Just as refreshing as the tropical drink! Enjoy pineapple and coconut mixed with sweet cream, with an extra blast of cool mint flavor.

Strawberry Cream: This tasty dessert e-liquid combines sweet strawberry with with rich layers of creamy vanilla.

Strawberry Ice: Just as juicy as it is chilly, this mix of strawberry and icy mint creates a sweet and satisfying puff.

Strawberry Watermelon Ice: Summer's favorite fruits combined! Strawberry and watermelon come together with a cool menthol finish.

Lush Ice: Tempting watermelon e-juice with thick layers of menthol for a fresh and cool fruit flavor.

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